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Radiologic Resources is built on the foundation of customer service, quality products, and a dedication to excellence through our committed relationships. We are your partner and offer you a lifetime of education, technology, and professionalism. Our commitment to our clients and healthcare professionals is unparalleled. The owners are active and involved employees in Missouri’s oldest family and locally owned radiology service provider.

We strive to partner with our customers as an ongoing resource that you can count on to continually analyze new products and opportunities to enhance and improve your practice of diagnostic medicine. Our goal is to respond to our customer’s needs as quickly as possible to reduce frustration, cost, and unnecessary delays. Same day response and repair to your needs, and sustainable relationships, is our primary goal.


Canon Low Dose

New Canon Full field Low Dose Detectors

Canon 70C

Canon’s New CXDI-70C Wireless Digital Radiography Detector

AGFA CR30 Press Release

Agfa HealthCare’s CR 30-X Digitizer ranked No. 1 in New KLAS S